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24 Most Inspiring 3D Flash Websites

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For those of you with keen eyes and passion for flash, you will notice that 3D flash websites are penetrating into our flash world today. Thanks to the open source 3D engines that do wonders to help create these 3D flash websites, we flash lovers have the luxury of seeing, admiring

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Fuel your Flash using Components

Posted by admin in ActionScript 3, Flash, Tips

Whether you are a web designer/developer, beginning or successful enterprise or maybe looking for rich Internet applications to pimp your web page or to save some of your precious time, offers you components that suit all your needs such as galleries and slideshows, menus and navigation systems, user interface

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Using the 960 Grid System

Posted by admin in Design, Tips

If you’re not already using the 960 Grid System, get on it.  I promise your life will be a lot easier. Simply put, the 960 Grid system lays out a perfect grid to start all of your design work in Adobe Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, Indesign as well as Inkscape, Viseo

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Preloader Infinity Problem in Flash AS3

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Some people have been facing the problem with Flash AS3 preloader. Loading Infinity% seems to be caused by a division by zero error. Below is a little change to the preloader codes which fixed the error. If you are using one of the flash files from, you may update

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10 Killer Flash Tips for Beginners

Posted by admin in ActionScript 3, Flash, Tutorials

The article is all about Adobe Flash for beginners. It was published on Hongkiat website. All sample source files are included. These tips include

Understanding Object Names
How to make URL buttons in ActionScript 3.0
How to duplicate movieclips in ActionScript 3.0
How to add right-click menu
Using Tweener Class
General Structural Guidelines
How to create a

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Housewife’s Roadmap to Becoming Professional Flash Developer

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This short tutorial provides detailed step-by-step instructions on becoming a real flash guru in a couple of hours. So read it carefully.
Step 1. Download AuroraFlash Site Builder to your PC
Step 2. Install the application.
Step 3. Create stunning flash web site.
Step 4. Publish the project to your server.
Step 5. Boast and

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Why Being A Freelance Designer Is Risky

Posted by admin in Tips

Why Being A Freelance Designer Is Risky: 7 Business Strategies To Help You Succeed
One of the biggest problems with being a freelance designer is that the work can be challenging. No matter how clear you may be on the assignment and direction from the client, there are pitfalls to avoid. 

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