Seven basic tips to know SEO in its challenges

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Today, many business people talk more about SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimization. It sounds easy if we only hear the name of SEO but in reality, it is really complicated and has many challenges to handle.

Nevertheless, there are many ways to initiate as long as we know some basic things which will help us to make full optimization. And here, one of the biggest challenges is to appear in the biggest search engine Google though there are other search engines available. But the question is how to appear in that search result and a single day will not work for sure.

Thus, there is a need and importance to understand the basic seven things of SEO as listed below followed by some good videos which talk about some basic SEO and hope it helps:

(1) Build good content: In other meaning, it is quality content which is basically something useful for your target customers or visitors that you would like to provide them when they visit your site.

(2) Build links to your web site: You can create many links to your web site by submitting your site to open web directories, link exchanges, discussions in forums, etc.

(3) Try to appear and explore more online: One of the best ways is to join social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, etc. You create a profile on those sites.

(4) Make Friends: Just appearing online will not be enough but need to make personal and business friends as much as possible so that your friends and online community will know more in details about what your business is.

(5) Think unique idea or content: It is not that easy to think and create unique idea or content since there are many online sources that can be similar but try to differentiate the way you present. You may quote other blogs or web site but you can put them in a way that they had not been used before which may not be original but unique somehow.

(6) Update contents and stay in touch: Often updating contents is playing important role in order to stay in touch with online friends and community. More post, more people will see it.

(7) Spend at least one hour per day: Spend at least sometime everyday on social media marketing in person and also can use some tools like FeedBurner and TwitterFeed in order to update automatically to your twitter account.

Enjoy watching SEO videos below and wish you could apply them for your business or any other blogs.

Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Submit Express is interviewed by Jim Gibson

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