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Web Design for Apple iPad

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Most of the people have already heard about new iPad from Apple’s announcement recently. Apple iPad is designed to browse web pages, check emails, enjoy and share photos, watch videos, play music, find maps, read ebooks, and many more things to do. Although Apple is obviously saying iPad is the best way to experience the web (see it on features page), there is a big downside of not supporting Adobe’s free Flash plugin in its Safari web browser. This means you cannot see all web contents and even big websites like CNN and BBC are having Flash contents. You will need to think about it before you buy one. If you want to browse flash websites, you may buy a netbook instead of iPad.

Web designers need to be very careful about this when designing web pages specifically for iPad. The screen size is 9.7 inches diagonal and the resolution is 1024×768 on iPad which is another factor for you to consider when designing web pages for iPad.

Initial Apple’s iPad promotional video had a mistake of displaying a flash video player on a web page of NYTimes.com website opening in iPad’s Safari web browser. Later on, Apple updated the video on their website by displaying a blue lego in the area of flash content. However, you can still see it in YouTube video shown below when showing up New York Times website.

Here is a screenshot of the updated video on Apple’s website which does not show up a flash video player anymore.

The New York Times website has a flash video player shown below.

Hopefully, there will be similar competing devices (from other top brands) supporting Adobe’s Flash plugin for browsing flash websites and flash contents.