10 Must Have Firefox Plugins for Web Developers

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1. Flash Switcher

It is a must have for Flash Developers, it lets you choose between different versions of flash so you can be sure your code is compatible with all existing versions of Flash.

Flash Switcher

2. Firebug

Firebug allows you to edit CSS and HTML and any browser side code from within the browser. It’s a great tool to figure out why your webpages are loading slowly, what javascript code is slowing things down, and editing pages within the browser environment.


3. Live HTTP Headers

Live HTTP headers shows you the dialog that happens between the web server and your browser. Figure out why things aren’t redirecting, why search engines aren’t properly indexing your content, and what website is pushing you cookies in realtime.

Live HTTP Headers

4. FireShot

Ever want to send screenshots to clients? Or take an image off a page and use it in a mockup? Fireshot lets you take screenshots of entire pages, selected areas, or the current window and export it to an imaging program. Great for quick mockups, client meetings and portfolio pages.


5. Tamper Data

This plugin allows you to modifty GET and POST parameters on any page. Use it to test form processing code, test for security issues and diagnose bugs. It’s only issue is that it won’t work in tandem with Google’s web accelerator.

6. Load Time Analyzer

See how long your web page takes to load for different speeds. Especially useful for developers whose audience may still be using dialup.

7. MeasureIt

Ever one what the exact dimensions are of a piece of web page? Need to create a new graphic but don’t know what size? MeasureIt adds a ruler which lets you measure vertically and horizontally.

8. ColorZilla

It lets you get the RGB colors of any element on a pageusing a drop tool similarly to photoshop. Great when you need to design new graphics on an existing project.

9. Link Checker

To see which links aren’t loading properly or go 404 from any given page.

10. Web Developer

Web Developer is the granddaddy of all Firefox development plugins. Among it’s amazing features: view the CSS property or parent class of any element on a page with a simple click, find broken images, view any form field and much more. You can clear cookies, run a DOM editor, and use all other functions from one simple menu. Once you start using it you will never figure out how you lived without it!

This article was written by Maya Richard, who is currently a reviewer of cell phones. She can be reached using her full name @ gmail.com