Flash ScrollBar in ActionScript 3.0

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This is a quick tutorial to flashmo scrollbar movieclip which is built on ActionScript 3.0 in Flash CS3. You can apply this scrollbar in any Flash websites. You need only 3 movieclips for scrolling. Below example is based on flashmo 144 scrollbar source file.

Give the instance names as below.

1. ScrollBar movieclip (instance name: flashmo_sb) is to attach to the content and content area.

2. content movieclip (instance name: flashmo_content) is the content to scroll.

3. content area movieclip (instance name: content_area) is a mask for content.

4. ease value for scroller easing which range is from 0.01 (slowest) to 1.00 (fastest).

Then, put below line of codes in timeline actions layer.

flashmo_sb.scrolling(“flashmo_content”, “content_area”, 0.45);

Flash ScrollBar

You can also apply this scrollbar in dynamic content which loads content from an external XML file. You may take a look at flashmo 145 garden flash template latest news section for an example.