Creating Subpages in Flash Templates

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Many people have been wanting to know how to create subpages in existing flash templates. Finally, butterfly studio template has arrived to show you a good example for creating subpages in flash contents. The main idea is simply to create a movie clip for subpages which can easily be put into a specific frame inside “flashmo contents” movieclip.

  • All main pages are located inside “flashmo contents” movie clip as usual.
  • There is subpages layer which stores all subpages movie clips, each frame has a subpage movie clip for a specific main page.
  • Inside each subpage movie clip, there are different layers which have subtitles, text contents, menu buttons, menu labels, and a pointer. Those elements can be easily modified according to your needs.
  • If you need new subpage movie clip, you can simply duplicate existing one in the library and apply it to another page.

Hope this information should be helpful enough to guide you to understand how things are organized effectively and apply for your own flash websites. Feel free to drop a comment if you have any question.

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