Editing 3D Thumbnail Galleries

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This post shall give you a quick overview for editing 3D thumbnail galleries.

  1. Download the source file .zip from flashmo.com (for example; 3D Curve Wall)
  2. Extract it into a folder.
  3. Default thumbnail width and height 140×105 pixels can be changed in .fla source file “actions” layer. You can edit it from actions panel (press F9). Adobe Flash CS3 is required to edit the FLA file.
  4. Put your own thumbnail images into “thumbnails” folder.
  5. Edit the XML file (thumbnail_list_3.xml) to change filename, url, target, title, and description for all thumbnails.
  6. For changing mouse events, try playing around with p_rollover, p_rollout, and p_click functions.

Edit the below line for adjusting thumbnail width and height.

  1. var p:Plane = new Plane(bfm, 140, 105, 2, 2); // line no. 79 in flashmo_098_3d_curve_wall.fla
  2. Plane(material:MaterialObject3D = null, width:Number = 0, height:Number = 0, segmentsW:Number = 0, segmentsH:Number = 0, initObject:Object = null)

This is how the XML file looks like.

  1. <?xml version=“1.0″ encoding=“utf-8″?>
  2. <thumbnails>
  3. <thumbnail filename=“flashmo_096_3d_cylinder_box.jpg” url=“http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_096_3d_cylinder_box” target=“_blank”
  4. title=“Item No. 1 (096 3d cylinder box)”
  5. description=“3D Cylinder Box, Thumbnail Gallery powered by Papervision3D and ActionScript 3″ />
  6. <thumbnail filename=“flashmo_095_3d_thumbnail_box.jpg” url=“http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_095_3d_thumbnail_box” target=“_blank”
  7. title=“Item No. 2 (095 3d thumbnail box)”
  8. description=“3D Thumbnail Box, Thumbnail Gallery powered by Papervision3D and ActionScript 3″ />
  9. <thumbnail filename=“flashmo_094_spiral_carousel_xml.jpg” url=“http://www.flashmo.com/preview/flashmo_094_spiral_carousel_xml” target=“_blank”
  10. title=“Item No. 3 (094 spiral carousel xml)”
  11. description=“Spiral Carousel using an external XML file. It is based on Lee Brimelow’s example which is powered by Papervision3D.” />
  12. </thumbnails>

Have fun!