Editing Flash Intros

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This is a list of step by step instructions showing you how to edit flash intros. Firstly, you need to download flashmo_091_intro.zip file as it is the sample file used here. Other free flash intros from flashmo.com also have similar structure like this one.

Extract the flashmo_091_intro.zip file. Open up the FLA file in Flash 8 or CS3 program and press F11 to see the library.

  1. Double click on welcome movie clip and edit the text “Welcome to flashmo.com” to your own text message or put a logo graphic or image.
  2. Like the first step, edit the text inside free flash templates movie clip.
  3. There are total 5 frames inside flashmo text movie clip which shows up one frame at a time in a loop when you run the SWF file. Edit each of them and replace with your own text.
  4. There are also total 5 frames for 5 different photos inside flashmo pic movie clip which shows up accordingly to flashmo text movie clip when you run preview SWF file. * You can put any number of photos by adding up more frames or deleting frames which you do not need. Keep in mind that total frames inside of both flashmo text and flashmo pic movie clips must be equal as they are linked on the root time line. *
    • Import your own photos (345×180 size) to the library.
    • Double click on flashmo pic movie clip in the library to replace with your photos.
    • Click on each photo, then press “Swap…” button in properties panel (ctrl+F3) at the bottom.
    • Select one of your photos in “Swap Bitmap” pop up window.
  5. Edit the text inside “music credit” movie clip like in the first step.
  6. If you do not need a replay button, select the frames (inside red rectangle as below), right click on them and click “Clear Frames”. You will also need to delete the actions line no. 1 to 4.
  7. If you wish to redirect to your web page when the intro is done, just remove double slash // and edit getURL(“your_page.html”);

Have fun playing with the intro. You may write a comment or suggestion if you have anything to say.

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